How Marketers Make Money with Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliate Programs without a Website

As technology and the internet of things advance day by day, online entrepreneurship has become the easiest and the cheapest way to establish and run a business and get decent returns.

There are a number of ways to earn money online as a beginner; some will operate fully online like content marketing and affiliate marketing, and others will operate partially online and offline like dropshipping and social medial marketing.

All these forms of internet marketing techniques are not free and require a marketing platform to access and interact with new and returning online customers, and that is a website, content management system (CMS), or a social media marketing platform.

Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliate programs are currently the most popular and trusted online earning programs for website owners or online marketers, and one can join from any part of the world and get paid via Cheque, Western Union, or Direct deposit to your local bank when you hit payout limit.

Considering that mo…

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How to Remove MyWebFace Toolbar from Mozilla and Google Chrome Without Anti-virus

MyWebFace is a toolbar that installs as an Extension or Add-on in web browsers such as Mozilla, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer and takes over the functions of these browsers. From a personal experience, MyWebFace causes a number of problems that interfere with your browsing experience. Here are some major problems that I experienced after MyWebFace installed into my web browsers:

1. Your web browser will hang a lot causing poor browsing experience when you do your searches.
2. Most of the searches will lead to unwanted or irrelevant websites.
3. Most searches will show sponsored adverts
4. MyWebFace promotes third-party search engines especial MyWebSearch and MyStartSearch
5. MyWebFace causes lots of pop-up adds

If you have a good anti-virus software installed on your computer, removing MyWebFace may be few clicks away. However, if you do not have any anti-virus installed in your PC, there are a few process that you need to accomplish in your Mozilla and Google Chrome web brow…

How To Resolve Page Not Found Error While Updating/Editing WordPress Page/Post

WordPress comes with a number of inbuilt security features that are useful in providing security to your website as a whole while online. One of the security features is called ModSecurity, which you can find when logged in your C-Panel.

ModSecurity provides an extra layer of protection to all your domains under a given C-Panel account. By default, ModSecurity feature is Enabled in your C-Panel settings. When enabled, this security module will make it difficult to update or save changes after editing text or uploading images to your WordPress page or post page.

To resolve the 'Page Not Found' error message while updating your WordPress page or post page; you will have to TEMPORARILY disable the ModSecuity feature to troubleshoot the update error message.

When you are done updating your WordPress page or post page successfully, this important security module feature should be enabled again for extra protection for your domains.

How to Disable/Enable ModSecurity Feature in The …

Improving Site Performance in the SERP

How to use Organic Keywords Effectively
Major search engines such as Google and Yahoo uses a number of factors to determine web pages that appear in the search engine results page (SERP), and organic keywords are one of the major things they use: A good ranking in the SERP begins and does not end with organic keyword research. How you use the keywords in your web pages, titles, URLs, snippets, and links; which is also referred as keyword positioning, is of a very big importance for your website's ranking in the search results.

For a good SERP results with keyword placement; you will have to use your main keywords on your web pages in a very careful manner to ensure that you don't overuse them. Keyword stuffing can lead to your website being marked as a spam by the search engines, and will not show among the top sites in the search results. Moreover, you need to use the keywords in the page titles and subtitles where necessary and make some few links to increase your web page&…