Importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Small Businesses

Does my Website Need SEO?
Before answering this question; may be you need to understand first what SEO really is. Coming back to your question whether you need SEO or not; my answers will vary: If your web-pages are always topping the list of returned pages in search engine results pages (SERPs) of all the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing; and the traffic to your website is extremely huge; and the goal conversion rate of your site is impressive; then probably your website don't SEO: If these are not true about your site; then you really need SEO. 

Search engine optimization has a number of benefits to small business owners who own websites to market their products, services, or brands. SEO is also one of the modern digital marketing techniques businesses are using to target potential consumers who are searching for information, products, services, and brands through search engines such as Google using different technology platforms; and convert them into sales or into any other marketing goal a given campaign was to accomplish through a website.

The main purpose of SEO is to improve a website's general performance in terms of traffic and goal conversion; by affecting its ranking position in the search results when consumers are searching for related products through search engines like Google.

For your site to achieve your marketing goal; which may be to get an impressive website traffic, or to convert more sales, or to get users download your product, or to get subscribers for news letter, etc etc: It needs to be visible in SERPs for the internet users to be able to click-through to your product's landing pages, where they will take an appropriate action that you intend them to take once they get into your site.

On the plus side; organic SEO provides a free means that small business owners can get free visibility in the search results; which consequently leads to generation of a free and useful website traffic to your website. You don't pay a penny for your webpage to show in the results of organic (natural) searches internet users make through search engines.

On the other hand; search engines don't rank websites in SERPs according to size or name of businesses: As such; organic SEO is the only modern marketing means that small businesses can use to compete with big businesses, since search engines only consider how well SEO of a given site is performed for them to show in the search results.

Away from traffic, conversion rate, and competition; small businesses can also use SEO to build their reputation and brand name online and attract more online audience. When your web-pages show regularly in the SERPs; this will make your site to be popular among the internet users, who may assist in building your online reputation when they share out your content to other users on their social media profiles.

Moreover; other site owners with related content or products niche will also like to link to your web-pages if they top the list of pages in the SERPs: The more links you get from external pages to your site; the more the relevant traffic and the higher your ranking will be: Search engines evaluate the total number and quality of in-coming links to a web-page before showing the search results; such that web-pages with the highest number of relevant and quality incoming links get the first positions in the SERPs.

SEO also involves other marketing techniques search as Pay Per Click, social media targeted advertising, and content marketing: To achieve the maximum performance of a website in relation to SEO; the mixture of organic SEO and paid searches is necessary. With the modern level of competition that exists online; using only one technique will not give your business an impressive return that it should be getting when maximizing both SEO techniques.

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