SEO Strategies for an Existing Site: Planning for Effective Search Engine Optimization

How to Plan and Execute a Successful Search Engine Optimization for an Existing Site
Search engine optimization can be so overwhelming without a proper SEO strategy to follow; especially if the website to optimize for search engines was not built with SEO in mind. Building a website with SEO in mind from scratch will always ensure that a site performance in the search engine results pages (SERPs) of all the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing is high with very little SEO updates. 

As such; if you are just planning to build your site from scratch, ensure that you review all the necessary SEO strategies that you need to follow in order to build an SEO friendly site from the beginning to the end; which will always guarantee impressive ranks, web-traffic, and goal conversion rate. Moreover; SEO maintenance cost of a site built with SEO in mind is always very low as compared to the one built without any SEO strategy from the beginning.

However; if your website is already existing; don't let SEO overwhelm you as you can still take it on top of the SERPs by targeting and assessing the right elements of your site. SEO strategy for an existing site needs proper planning and patience. Even if you're an SEO mogul; you will not be able to take site on top of the SERPs overnight, not even a fought night or a month or two.

If all goes well with your SEO plan; you may start seeing the results of your SEO efforts within 3 to 6 months of hard work. An effective SEO strategy for an existing website should consider one page of your site at a time; as opposed to the whole site. On the other hand; your strategy needs to look at one element (ie page content, tags, links, site map) of each web-page at a time; as opposed to several elements of a web-page at a time.

SEO strategy that looks at SEO in the perspective of a whole site; or several site elements at a time will get the best of you and fail you terribly. Moreover; you need to collect relevant stats for each page element and know which SEO changes are yielding impressive results; so that you can put more efforts on the right design elements that are working for your site's optimization. You can collect such data if you don't look at each element at a time.

In short; an effective SEO strategy for an existing site should look at SEO in small bite sizes: One page at time; and one element of each page at a time. This strategy will definitely take time for you to start seeing improvements in your site's performance; however, success is always guaranteed and you will start seeing impressive SEO results in a short period of time.

Finally; SEO strategy without efficient web analytics program is not complete and you will not track the success of your SEO efforts. To be able to establish how far you've gone and how much success you've achieved with your plan; you need analytics program that can give you statistical data to analyze and track your SEO strategy success.

Google analytics is one the best free web analytics program that you can use to track the success of your SEO efforts over a given period of time by collect relevant user's data such as location of your visitors, page views, goal conversion rate, devices and browsers your users are using to find your site and more . Good luck!

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