4 Effective Ways to Boost your Google AdSense Daily Earnings

Google AdSense earning program is no doubt the highest paying ad program on the internet: In this post; you are going to encounter 4 different ways I use on my blogs to significantly boost my AdSense earnings almost immediately.

If you are just getting started and therefore have no AdSense account; you are so lucky to get this post since you can figure out the easiest way to get your own Google AdSense account: However, if you have one and you need to boost your daily Google AdSense earnings in a significant way; bellow are 4 efficient ways you can use to do just that overnight.

1. Connect your AdSense Account with Google Analytics 
Linking Google Analytics and AdSense accounts enables you to collect, study, and understand more AdSense stats and details that are very essential for improving your AdSense earnings overnight such as Click-Through-Rate (CTR); Effective Cost Per Thousand Impression (eCPM); and Ad Impression (Page Per Visit) which are the most important factors that determine your daily AdSense earnings.

CTR and eCPM that a given web page will accumulate mainly depend on the amount of traffic that web page will receive: Google AdSense will give the CTR and eCPM among other stats of each and every web page that you can analyze.

You can then track the major source of traffic referrer of each web page and dwell on marketing that web page more and more on the same traffic referrer that is contributing impressive amount of CTR and eCPM; such that if your twitter social media platform is the major traffic referrer to that given web page; ensure that you extensively market that web page on twitter and get more CTR and eCPM to significantly improve your AdSense earnings.

On the other hand; Ad impression comes with page per visit, which is the number of pages visited on one visit or number of links clicked to other web pages per single visit: The more your page per visit a given page has; the higher the chances are that the page will have high Ad impression and the higher your AdSense earnings: As such; ensure that you promote contents with high or increased page per visit on various content marketing platforms such as forums, guest blogging sites, social media platforms and more.

2. Google AdSense Simple Tests and Experiments
Succeeding in AdSense program is all about ad testing and experimenting using different variations of AdSense units: Most webmasters always presume that ad testing is a difficult task and therefore they don't do it at all: The good news is that Google knew this and they have made it easier for lazy webmaster to test lots of different variations right form within the AdSense dashboard.

If you are using blogger; this process is made even easier and one can test different ad variations including size, background color, text color, title color, and URL color including ad positioning: However, you can simply setup different AdSense ad variation directly through your AdSense account by logging in and clicking on the: My Ads tab- Experiments; and hit create button to get started on first ad variation where you can set different colors of links, display ads, display as and texts, and change fonts

Here is the most successful AdSense ad styles that will greatly improve CTRs and improve your AdSense earnings; and also the most successful ad sizes and the maximum number of ads that is required for impressive AdSense income.

Moreover; instead of creating your own AdSense ad unit; you can also use Ad Revenue Optimization tool to automatically set up appropriate ad unit that will increase your AdSense earnings without too much hustles setting up and experimenting different ad styles.

3. Block Low Paying Advertisers
Some advertisers offer peanuts and the best thing is to block their ads from showing on your web pages: Right from your AdSense dashboard; you can use competitive filter to block low paying ads that will not make a big difference on your daily earnings.

However, you need to take extra care to ensure that you don't over block ads to an extent that no ad will be likely to show next to your content: To block ads; login into your AdSense account and click Allow and block Ads tab and continue on your ad blocking.

4. Automate Insertion of AdSense ads on Web pages
If your web server supports Server Side Included (SSI); you are lucky since you can easily automate insertion of AdSense ads on all of your web pages on site. To automate AdSense insertion; simply save the AdSense code in a text file and save it with a .txt extension; for example "adsensecode.txt"; and then upload the code to the root directory of your web server and call it on other pages using SSI to automatically show AdSense ads on other pages.

If you are using automatic page generators such as GitHub to generate web pages for your site; this is the best method you can use to improve your AdSense earnings on such web pages by using SSI code insertion automation.

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