7 Things to Consider in a Website Analytics Program

Any SEO strategy without an efficient website analytics program is bound to fail terribly: An analytics program is a software that monitors the effectiveness of a website based on a given SEO plan; and show different metrics that assist in determining the performance of key elements of a website such as keywords, links, and other site elements.

As such; without an analytics program in your SEO plan; you will not be able to gauge the impacts of your search engine optimization strategy on your site: Improving your site's performance without collecting relevant metrics to analyze is a recipe for failure since you will not know which site elements are actually improving and which ones need special attention.

Analytics program will show you when your search engine optimization plan is within the track or off the track: Precisely, an analytics program let you know all that you need to know concerning your SEO.

Most big web hosting companies such as HostGator and BlueHost offer integrated web analytics programs for their clients: However, analytics programs offered by hosting companies may not comprehensive as an analytics program specifically designed for this purpose.

Webmasters tend to avoid analytics programs thinking that they are complicated and expensive packages; there are several analytics programs that are easy to use and affordable or even free to use. Ideally; ease of use and cost should not be top determining factors when selecting an analytics program to use in order to improve your site's performance: Rather; you need to focus on the selected analytics program will improve your site's ranking in the search results.

7 Things to Consider when Evaluating Analytics Programs
 So, just how to do you select the best website analytics program out of the thousands that are available to use both online and offline? Here are the top factors you need to consider when choosing your analytics program:
  1. Ensure that the program updates stats regularly; real time is perfect
  2. Ensure that all the reports you need are included in the tool you are examining
  3. How much training is necessary to completely understand the analytics program
  4. Is the analytics tool web-based or it requires software installation?
  5. What is the total cost of ownership?
  6. What type of technical support are available and how to access them
  7. What is the contract length?
There are a number of perfect analytics programs available and all are offering different metrics at a different price tag: Also; if free package is what you wanted; don't think you're going to terrible packages as Google Analytics is one of the best free packages available.

Top 15 Effective Web Analytics Program to Choose from: Free, Free Trial, and Paid
The following is a comprehensive list of the best analytics programs that are free/paid, realtime, and include all the necessary reports you need to improve your site's performance: 
1. Google Analytics: You can also upgrade to Google Analytics Premium for more reports
2. AWstats
3.  Piwik
4. SaS
5. Omniture
6. WebTrends
7. ComScore
8. Clicktale
9. HitsLink
10. VisiStat
11. OneStat
12. Clicky
13. GoStats
14. NextSTAT
15. IBM Digital Analytics

To find data reports included in most of the analytics included in this post; please visit Web Analytics Review and find all the details you need to consider in an analytics program. 

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