Designing Converting PPC ad Landing Pages: Why Your PPC Campaign Isn't Converting

Precisely; a successful pay per click (PPC) campaign begins with a well-designed PPC goals to achieve, right PPC keywords and Keyword placement, effective PPC ad description (ad copy) and finally a well-designed PPC landing pages.

If your PPC ad campaign is not working like you expect it work; you may have freaked out on one of the PPC ad elements mentioned above. Probably; you,ve taken your time and designed PPC ads that every advertiser is dieing for: Right keywords, perfect ad copy, and impressive amount of traffic referral; but poor conversion rate.

Ideally; you may set-up a cool PPC ad that has a potential to work just fine; however, without a perfect matching landing pages for your PPC ads, you may be leaving hell lots of money on the table and instead pay huge cost for your PPC budget.

Here is the little known secret: A poorly designed PPC ad landing page will send off potential buyers back to search engine results page even if your landing page includes everything that visitors needed; and you may sited there wondering what the hell is happening with your perfectly set-up cost effective PPC ads: It is simply because of ugly PPC landing pages on site. Here are 5 tips for designing a converting PPC landing page:

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1. Specific Landing Pages for Each PPC ad
Targeting specific audience is the secret to succeeding with PPC marketing: To successfully target specific audience; design specific landing page for each PPC ad: Designing specific landing page for each PPC ad will enable you to tailor the pages to specific audience that you target with your ads; which in turn increases conversion rate due to highly qualified traffic.

2. Use Direct, Concise and Descriptive Headlines
Website visitors always expect to know everything you have to offer them by reading the headlines: Visitors determine the usefulness of a given web-page when they read the titles. If they can't find value on your headings; they will quickly bounce back to the search results without bothering to read the rest of your content and take the necessary action that will convert. In short; your headings need to promise to fulfill the goals of your visitors.

3. Don't Overcrowd your Landing Pages
Too many graphics, information or multimedia on a single page will increase the loading times of your landing pages: Pages that take too long to load annoy and overwhelm internet users; and they will leave your site without taking any converting action as soon as they realize that your landing page is taking too long to load.

4. Make the Conversion Process Easy and Faster
 Depending on the goal of your PPC campaign; whether to get visitor sign up for your newsletter, or to download a product, or to buy products and services, or to fill out a form; ensure that the whole process is simple and faster: Internet users hate to click much into a site and you may lose them if the whole converting process requires them to click too much.

5. Continuous Testing is King in PPC advertisement
Just like any SEO strategy; testing yields better results in the long run: Create different versions of landing pages for each PPC ad and take them through split testing (A/B Testing). This process may be time consuming; but the most accurate way to find a PPC ad landing page that will work for you. It is worth testing several landing pages until you find the one that is perfect in converting.

Alternatively; you can make use of PPC landing page designing tools that are available online: There are a number of PPC landing page designing tools with varying features. Here are some of the best PPC landing page tools that you can use to design a perfect PPC landing pages for ads:

1. Optimizely
2. Unbounce
Good Luck!

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