Escaping Unnatural Links Manual Action: 5 Backlink White Hat SEO Techniques that Adhere to Google Quality Guidelines

Google performs a number of unnatural links manual actions every day on sites that do not follow their Webmaster Guidelines. According to Google; unnatural link is any link schemes that is obtained mainly to receive a higher page rank in the search results without following legal guidelines.

Of all the thousands of sites that suffer manual actions every day; Google is currently able to review and process only 5% of reconsideration requests per day, and it may take several months for a manual action to be revoked; if at all your site qualifies.

Precisely; unnatural link manual action recovery is an overwhelming process; and this is one way you don't want to go if you are a site owner:As such, you need to comply all the time with white hat backlink techniques that Google deems are legal in order to avoid being delisted from the search engine results page (SERP).

Ideally; backlink is one of the major ranking signals and a good source of relevant web-traffic. Also important to note: Whether you like it or not; you need to forget about all the link building tools that you will find on the internet: We all know that this is the fastest way to get backlinks to a site: However, it wont take long before Google catch up with you and consequently compromise your site's ranking and traffic in such a bad way; and worse, receive unnatural link manual action warning to remove all the links that don't comply with webmaster guidelines. Though; not all backlink tools are spammy: Personally, I have not used any and can't recommend one on this post.

However; since Google manual action on links may not be entirely as a result of your carelessness like is the case with this Search Engine Land's manual spam action case study; where a competitor paid some black hat backlink agent to plant irrelevant links and take their site down; you can use Ahrefs, Google Webmaster Tools, Small SEO tools, Majestic, WebSEO or SEOmoz to monitor, analyze, and track your backlicks to ensure they all adhere to the quality guidelines; and remove links that may results to unnatural link manual action or related warnings. Meanwhile; here are the top SEO techniques you can use to improve your site's backlinks naturally.

1. Quality and Original Content
Yes! You heard me right. Quality and original content creation is the most effective way to get quality backlinks for your site: Marketers across the internet understand that Google and other major search engines such as Yahoo and Bing consider content to be one of the major ranking factors.

When you produce quality content web-pages, your site will be among the top sites on SERPs in your niche. All internet marketers in your niche will be so willing to link to your leading web-page to provide relevant and detailed information for their site's visitors.

Links obtained this way are considered quality backlinks and all search engines will like your web-pages to show in the SERPs even more. If you can't produce and post unique content regularly on your own; be sure to find an effective content writing site and outsource content writing. 

2. Utilize Social Media Platforms
Social media is big and better in content marketing: You need to spread all your quality content through all the social media platforms especial Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. On the plus side; there are a number of social media management tools including HootSuit, Quintly and Sprout Social that will assist in managing all your social media platforms in one place including postings and comments.

On the other hand; video marketing is very effective today since the majority of internet users prefer watching ads than reading content about product reviews. YouTube provides a suitable backlink platform where one can visually engage buyers and prospects and convince them to take an action. For video marketing to be effective; ensure that you provide links or URLs to various product's or service's landing pages where they can find the products offered.

3. Guest Blogging
Guest blogging is yet another effective backlink strategy for site owners: Geust blogging is all about publishing related content on other marketer's sites, and providing relevant links to your site where their visitors can find more information that is relevant to the site's content.

There are a number of guest blogging sites online for almost all niche blogs such as technology, travel, fashion, fitness and more. When apply for guest blogging opportunity, ensure you only apply to sites that are directly relevant to your site's content.

Alternatively; you can start a free blog at HubPages or Blogger basically to build backlinks to your main marketing site; all these strategies are acceptable by all search engines.

4. Utilize Social Bookmarking Sites
Social bookmarking is a perfect strategy to build backlinks for your website: Social bookmarking is all about spreading a site's content and links to various social bookmarking sites such as Pinterest and Delicious among others.

5. Participate on Active Forums
Join active forums such as Worrior forum and others and contribute on subject matters that relate to your internet marketing niche. However; be sure to find more about the forums that you join as most of them will be black hat link building forums.

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