Free and Paid Longtail Keyword Suggestion Tools: Finding Quality Pay Per Click and Organic Keywords or Phrases

The value of keywords you use in pay per per click (PPC) program extremely affects your PPC budget: Use poor quality generic and irrelevant keywords and run a big loss in your PPC dollar budgets and also get unpleasant organic ranks for your web-pages in search engine results pages (SERPs) depending on which technique you are optimizing.

Conversely; use high quality specific and longtail keywords (specific product's name or descriptions) and get impressive results in terms of site's goal conversion rate; whether in a PPC or organic search optimization strategy. In more plain language; longtail keywords are specific keywords that are always associated with names or descriptions of products and services and are always three or more group of words.

Search engine users are searching for specific product's or service's name, description, usage, prices, comparisons, and such like specific information: If your niche is about domain flipping business, "How to start a domain flipping business online" phrase may not be descriptive enough.

Rather; a phrase like "How to start a domain flipping business with under $50" can make users to click through. Adding more information such as location (country or city) in the phrase; ie "How to start a domain flipping business with under $50 in Australia" will give even more value to your keyword phrase since consumers and prospects who click on this keyword campaign already know what they want; and what they expect to get once they get to your landing page.

Precisely; that is the longtail keyword theory. If you can apply these tips when creating your keyword list, be rest assured that you are using longtail keywords that will give you impressive PPC and organic search results in the SERPs.

The primary things to consider in PPC campaigns are keyword's search volume and cost per click: Search volume and cost per click will assist you in estimating a PPC budget and setting up a successful PPC campaigns alongside other factors that affect a PPC keyword campaign listed at the end of this post .

As such; to find the right keyword list for your PPC marketing or organic search optimization, you need to use keyword suggestion tools that provide a number of keyword suggestions and relevant information such as monthly search volume, competition, cost per click, keyword difficulty and more.

Here are a comprehensive list of both free and paid keyword suggestion tools you can use to generate high quality keywords for both PPC and organic search optimization.

1. SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool
SEO Book is a free keyword suggestion tool that show you how many searches have been conducted in different search engines over a given month for a given keyword entered into the tool.

2. Wordtracker
Wordtracker is an effective keyword suggestion tool that enables you to search for  terms in a huge database of high quality keywords. The information this keyword tool provides include how often a keyword or phrase is searched for. Moreover; this tool also provides a list of related and relevant keywords that you can use as your keywords. A free trial of Wordtracker keyword tool is also available for 7 days in all the three plans: Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

3. Trellian Keyword Discovery Tool
Trellian is subscription keyword tool that enable you to ascertain the market share value for a given keyword or search term, know the number of daily searches, identify common spelling and misspelling, see how a given term is affected by seasonal searching trends. If you need a perfect tool to analyze each keyword or phrase further; Trellian is the tool. You can also find and use free version of Trellian keyword suggestion tool.

4. Google AdWords Keyword Planner
You may be already be familiar with this free keyword suggestion tool provided by Google. This tool provides additional keywords that you may have not even considered: It also provides the number of times a keyword has been searched for, competition level of a keyword: On the plus side, Google keyword planner also examines your web-pages and make a suggestion of keywords that may add more value to your page or website as whole.

5. SERPs Keyword Suggestion Tool
Also known as Ubersuggest Alternative; SERPs is a very useful free keyword suggestion tool that scraps keywords searched for from search engines keyword suggest (Google Suggest, Yahoo Suggest, and Bing Suggest) and provide additional information such as search volume and cost per click.

6. Übersuggest  Keyword Suggestion Tool
Übersuggest is  free keyword suggestion tool that provides a list of relevant keywords within a very short time frame. This tool allows you to set the language you are comfortable using. It also allows you to get keyword suggestion for web, videos, news, shopping sites, recipes, and image search. The only disadvantage of this tool is that it doesn't provide details such as search volume and more

7. WordStream Keyword Suggestion Tool
WordStream keyword tool has both paid and free version of keyword suggestion tool: The free version of WordStream has limited functions and retrieves only a list of relevant keywords including the frequency by which a given keyword is searched for. The paid version of WordStream has three plans with free trial and includes more information such as Google search volume, web search volume, and competition level of each keyword.

These are among the top keyword suggestion tool that you can use successfully to maximize both PPC and organic searches. However; note that the information that will be provided by these keyword suggestion tools are historical data and you should be regularly searching for the latest data on daily basis to get more accurate and resent data for you analysis.

If your goal for keyword research is for a PPC marketing; you should understand that PPC keyword marketing is all about testing, replacing, adding, removing; until you get the right keyword list to emphasize your campaigns on. You cannot do all these without the right web analytics tools that provide sufficient data to enable you determine other important keyword values; other than search volume and cost per click that affect effectiveness of keywords in PPC program such as:
  1. Project impressions
  2. Estimated click-through rate (CTR)
  3. Estimated click per month 
  4. Average cost per click (CPC)
  5. Estimated budget requirements
Free SEOlytics and Google Analytics are some of the keyword analysis tool that you can use to analyze effectiveness of a given keyword in a PPC campaign or organic SEO.

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