Handy Techniques to Reduce Your Pay Per Click Cost

Pay per click (PPC) is the most effective way to get target more potential customers and qualified traffic that converts; however, a PPC ads can be so costly when your PPC bid management strategy is not effective.

On the other hand; to set up a cost effective PPC campaigns, you need to determine PPC keyword value and cost of each keyword you need to bid on first.

To successfully manage your PPC campaigns cost; there are a number of PPC keyword bidding elements that you need to keep monitoring, testing, analyzing, removing, replacing, and so on till you find the perfect combination that will work for you.

In short; PPC keyword testing is the key to succeed in online advertising. AdComparator is one of the best automated PPC keyword testing tools; which simultaneously test a number of different aspects of online advertisements such as best performing headline, best performing sub-headline, best performing offer, best performing price point, best performing layout, best performing color sheme, best performing opening paragraph and much more. PPC G-Test Calculator is also a good option.

Ideally; PPC ad testing should come before setting up your campaigns with any PPC provider since controlling your PPC cost will be much easier with high quality keyword list: Only then; you need to use one of these PPC bid management software programs if necessary; or find PPC providers such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads that will provide additional features to assist you in managing the following elements of your PPC ads:

Handy Techniques to Reduce Your Pay Per Click Cost
  1. Dayparting: Dayparting is one of the best methods for reducing the cost of your PPC campaigns by targeting your campaigns to the most effective times of the day or week. To succeed with day parting; you need to monitor closely your ad performance and determine which time of the day or day of the week your campaigns perform the best, then set it on you bid management software if you automate bid management; or set it up on your PPC programs manually.
  2. Geo-targeting: Geo-targeting feature allows you to target a given demographic location such as country or city with your ads: This feature make your ads to appear only on the locations that you want them to appear, such that you only target more potential buyers who will take an action when they get into your PPC landing page.
  3. Negative keywords: Most of the PPC programs or PPC bid management software will allow you to include all the negative keywords that your ads should not appear when users are searching for product or services. This is one of the best way to reduce your PPC budget since some ads that are associated with your topic but not specific product or service may show up search results when negative keywords are used on search engines.
  4. Effective match type: Match type that you set for your keywords can significantly decrease or increase your PPC cost: Broad match occurs when your ad is showing when broadest and generic terms are searched for: Phrase match occurs when your ad is shown when key phrase you selected is searched for in the correct order but may also include some words that you din't include: Exact match occurs when your ad show only for the searches that contain exact words that you selected. However; when using this feature; ensure to take caution when narrowing your match type since you can end up losing potential customers who may not be sure of what they want.
  5. Remove poorly performing keywords: Poorly performing keywords should be replaced or removed from the list: This can easily be done using Google AdWord Editor or Keyword List Cleaner to trim down your keyword list by removing all poorly performing keywords.
  6. Reduce the amount of bid per keyword: Bidding for the highest ranking slots is always costly. On the other hand, going for the highest ranking slot does not guarantee more conversion especially since there is more competition in the highest slots: You can reduce the amount of bid per keyword by going for lower ranking slots but more click volumes: Remember that the more clicks your ad gets, the more traffic and potential conversion opportunities. 

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