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Monday, 1 December 2014

PPC Bid Management: How to Select the Best PPC Bid Management Software Program

Pay per click (PPC) campaigns are becoming more competitive and more expensive as marketers are widely utilizing internet for marketing their products and services. As such; before setting up your PPC campaigns or bidding on any keyword; ensure that you know cost and value of each keyword you want to bid on.

On the other hand; to cope with this stiff competition; you need to monitor and manage your PPC keywords very closely. Bid management is the method by which you control the amount you spend on your PPC keywords.

Ideally; there are two methods for bid management: Manual bid management and automated bid management: Manual bid management is a bid management that you conduct on your own without the help of any software.

In most cases; manual bid management is sometimes very complicated and time consuming: You need to keep track of what your competitor is doing, track your conversions, test and closely monitor the performance of existing and new keywords, watch all your PPC campaigns every time especially when using multiple PPC providers and so on.

All these tasks can be so overwhelming and most marketers opt for automated bid management software or services: Manual bid management is not nearly as effective or manageable as using an automated bid management program; especially when you have dozens of keywords to manage.

Bid management software can be divided into two categories: Hosted and Desktop bid management application programs. Hosted bid management software is by fer the best bid management software since you'll need not to keep updating the software now and again as in the case of desktop bid management application.

Essential Things to Consider When Selecting Bid Management Software
  1. A single interface for multiple PPC campaigns: Today; running PPC campaigns from several different providers may be necessary. You need a bid management software that will enable you to manage all the PPC campaigns regardless of the provider.
  2. Conversion tracking: You need a software solution that includes conversion rates and cost per sale tracking each keyword that you are tracking.
  3. Global change capabilities: As we all know that PPC campaigns need adjustments frequently; for them to be effective, a good PPC management software needs to be capable of making global changes; such that when you make one change, all the campaigns that you specify are updated automatically.
  4. Fraud monitoring and documentation: Click fraud is costing companies lots of money: A perfect bid management software application will monitor your PPC campaigns for signs of click fraud and provide a clear documentation.
  5. Reporting capabilities: Nearly all bid management software provides reporting feature; however, the kinds of reports differ from one solution to another and it's worth your time to counter check and select the one that offers most of the PPC reports.
Top 9 Bid Management Software Programs and Agencies
  1.  DoubleClick: Provided by Google, doubleclick is one of the best PPC bid management tool available online: It offers a range of impressive features such as revenue management, campaign workflow and global ad marketing.
  2. Ignitionone: This is one of the best paid search bid management service with a number of features such as engagement optimization, landing page testing, global capabilities and more.
  3. PPC Pro: PPC Pro was a great software for PPC bid management which is current not available for new users: However, it has turn into a PPC bid management agency providing the best PPC bid management service to clients.
  4. Keshoo: Kenshoo is no doubt one of the best and most effective bid management available today: It also includes several features such as global change capability, conversion tracking, multiple PPC campaign management and more.
  5. Adobe AdLens: Adobe AdLens is a desktop software but with a number of impressive features that you may not find on some of the hosted bid management software. It is easy to maintain and enables you to completely automate bids or manage them direcly.
  6. WordStream: WordStream is an easy to use paid bid management software with all of impressive PPC features such as global change, conversion tracking and more.
  7. ClickSWEEPER: Thi is one of the best PPC tool available with features such as extended ad network, multiple PPC account management, keyword optimization, ad copy evaluation, and performance trends and alerts.
  8. PPCbidmax: PPC bid max supports a number of cool features such as account management, bid management, Ad group management, automated bid system, ROI tracking and several reporting.
  9. Marin Software: Marin software includes several of amazing features for paid bid management that targets the highly potential customers online: It supports a number of features such as global change, multiple account management and more.