AdComparator A/B Testing Tool: PPC Performance Testing for Higher Conversions

Precisely; testing is your best friend during any SEO strategy; whether organic SEO or Pay Per Click (PPC). To be specific, PPC optimization will never work for you without continuous testing of different elements of different ad versions against one another.

The most common and the most easy to use form of testing is A/B testing; which is testing one ad version against another: It's all about testing two or more ads version against one control ad at the same time. A/B testing or split testing may be time consuming; however, marketers who use this PPC ad performance testing technique always get better results in the long run.

For your PPC ad performance testing to be successful; firstly, you need to understand what you want to test and what you want to achieve with the testing: Depending on the goal of your PPC, whether to increase traffic, or to increase conversions, or just to tweak the overall look of your ads; target different elements of your PPC ads while taking consideration of your PPC goal.

After knowing what you are trying to accomplish with your PPC campaigns; start your testing with single ad version that acts as your baseline for testing against several other ads. You can do this by first creating at least one PPC ad and then allow it to perform long enough to allow you to collect some data against which you will compare future ad designs.

Most of the PPC programs such as Bing Ads and Google AdWords will take you through the process of creating your first ad copy: They provide features within their programs that will enable you to change and compare different elements of different ads at the same time, in order to establish which element of a given ad copy is performing better than the other. Alternatively; you can decide to use one of the best PPC management software programs to set up and manage your PPC ads easily without the hustle.

Once you have established your baseline performance; you can create different PPC ad versions that you can test and compare against different elements of the baseline ad. The key to succeed with A/B testing is to change only one element of a given ad at a time, so that you can establish with element is performing better and which one is performing poorly and should be replace.

You need to run both the control ad and one or more test ads  at the same time to find out which one is performing better than the other for your test to be accurate and meaningful. When doing changes to different elements of the control ad and the test ad(s); here are the top elements to tweak and test against each other until you find the best performing combination.
  1. Headline
  2. Main keywords
  3. Call to action
  4. Ad text
  5. Different landing pages
  6. Different opening paragraph
These are just a few elements that you need to change and test against each other. This whole process is time consuming but the results are impressive: If you think that this process can overwhelm you; I have a solution for you: You can alternatively use AdComparator PPC testing tool, which is perfect tool to test different several elements of different ads copies against one another at the same time. Here are among the ad elements of different ads you can test at the same time using amazing AdComparator PPC testing tool:
  1. The highest performing headline
  2. The highest performin sub-headline
  3. The highest performing opeining paragraph
  4. The highest performing offer
  5. The highest performing price point
  6. The highest performing layout
  7. The highest performing color scheme 

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