Improving Site Performance in the SERP

How to use Organic Keywords Effectively
Major search engines such as Google and Yahoo uses a number of factors to determine web pages that appear in the search engine results page (SERP), and organic keywords are one of the major things they use: A good ranking in the SERP begins and does not end with organic keyword research. How you use the keywords in your web pages, titles, URLs, snippets, and links; which is also referred as keyword positioning, is of a very big importance for your website's ranking in the search results.

For a good SERP results with keyword placement; you will have to use your main keywords on your web pages in a very careful manner to ensure that you don't overuse them. Keyword stuffing can lead to your website being marked as a spam by the search engines, and will not show among the top sites in the search results. Moreover, you need to use the keywords in the page titles and subtitles where necessary and make some few links to increase your web page's authority, which is also among the things search engines consider when showing web pages in the search results.

Finally, include some of the organic keywords in your URLs and also in the snippets that will show alongside your page's URL in the SERP; and as ALT tag on images which in most cases shows in the SERP and may increase clicks on your page.

How to Get SERP Reports and Actionable steps to Improve Website Traffic.
When internet users search for products or services through the search engines; web pages are ranked from top to bottom depending on the quality score that includes; page authority, inbound links, effective use organic keywords, site structure, and much more. You can use specific SERP analysis tool to collect all these data from top pages that are ranking high for similar keywords that you are targeting and see where you can make necessary changes to overcome your competitors.

To improve your site's traffic, you will have to improve its visibility in the SERP. You can visit all the top ranking pages in the search engines one by one; as this will enable you to find out what they are doing differently and what they are not doing so that you can make an informed changes on your web page that you need to rank high past your competitors: If you find that they are doing a lot of links from outside quality web pages than you are doing, start finding relevant high quality web pages and link to those pages; you can use a good link finder tool that will get you quality web pages that are not spam to link to.

On the other hand, if the keywords they use are more organic than yours, find a better keyword tool and start doing a thorough long-tail keywords research; which will improve your ranking in the search result, and consequently, your site's traffic will significantly increase. The secret is to find long tail keywords that have high search volume but with a small competition.

Click Through Rate (CTR) of Page 1 in the SERP
CTR is the number of clicks a link to your site or advertisement gets in the SERP after a given period of time; CTR is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of times the advert or link shows in the SERP (Impression). When your site or advertisement shows up high in the SERP; you will definitely get a high CTR.

The higher a web page ranks in the SERP, the higher CTR will be: As such, Page number 1 in the SERP will always enjoy the highest number of clicks. To get more clicks for your ads even if your page doesn't rank high in the search results, you will need to optimize your advertisement with quality keywords that will attract potential buyers. You can also include offer or discount with the advertisement, as ads with prices, offers, and discounts always tend to get more CTRs.

Benefits of Tracking SERP for your Business
Tracking and analyzing SERP is one of the most effective ways to overcome competition in your niche. When you keep track of the SERP all the time, you will know how your website, in general, is doing as compared to the sites of your competitors. This way, you will also know exact changes that you need to make on your web pages to increase your web ranking and hence traffic and CTR. You need to be ahead of your competitors all the time, and you can only achieve this when you keep tracking your site's performance in the search engine results page.

Finally, keyword positioning is a vital search engine optimization strategy; and any internet marketer should know how to do it properly. When done the right way, keyword positioning will significantly increase your site traffic by increasing its click through rate. Sites with high click through rates will always have high leads and conversion rate since most clicks are always from potential buyers.

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