How To Resolve Page Not Found Error While Updating/Editing WordPress Page/Post

How To Fix Page Not Found When Updating WordPress Page

WordPress comes with a number of inbuilt security features that are useful in providing security to your website as a whole while online. One of the security features is called ModSecurity, which you can find when logged in your C-Panel.

ModSecurity provides an extra layer of protection to all your domains under a given C-Panel account. By default, ModSecurity feature is Enabled in your C-Panel settings. When enabled, this security module will make it difficult to update or save changes after editing text or uploading images to your WordPress page or post page.

To resolve the 'Page Not Found' error message while updating your WordPress page or post page; you will have to TEMPORARILY disable the ModSecuity feature to troubleshoot the update error message.

When you are done updating your WordPress page or post page successfully, this important security module feature should be enabled again for extra protection for your domains.

How to Disable/Enable ModSecurity Feature in The C-Panel 

1. Log in to your C-Panel
2. Scroll down to Security section
3. Click on ModSecurity
4. In the ModSecurity window under Configure All Domains, click on Disable button, then Disable All.

After you have disabled the ModSecurity, go to your WordPress website and refresh the page/post page that you were editing, edit the page and update it: The update should be successful this time.

If the update is not successful, you will have to wait for a few minutes and then try again later as the security module may have not fully updated the changes you made in the C-Panel.

After you have successfully updated your WordPress page or post page, go back to your C-Panel on ModSecuity window and click Enable to enable ModSecurity feature for all your domains.

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