How Marketers Make Money with Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliate Programs without a Website

As technology and the internet of things advance day by day, online entrepreneurship has become the easiest and the cheapest way to establish and run a business and get decent returns.

There are a number of ways to earn money online as a beginner; some will operate fully online like content marketing and affiliate marketing, and others will operate partially online and offline like dropshipping and social medial marketing.

All these forms of internet marketing techniques are not free and require a marketing platform to access and interact with new and returning online customers, and that is a website, content management system (CMS), or a social media marketing platform.

Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliate programs are currently the most popular and trusted online earning programs for website owners or online marketers, and one can join from any part of the world and get paid via Cheque, Western Union, or Direct deposit to your local bank when you hit payout limit.

Considering that most beginners are on a tight budget and may not raise the initial capital to build and run a website, CMS, or paid social media marketing, we are going to narrow down on how any publisher or writer or marketer, whether a beginner or an experienced, can make passive income online through two giant online earning programs; Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliate programs without necessarily running a personal website. 

Before we go further and let you know how you can make money online through both Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliate program on a single free to join publishing platform, let's discuss few things you should know about these two platforms.

1. What is Google Adsense Earning Program?

Google Adsense earning program is one of the major ways publishers and internet marketers make money online today, where Google allows publishers or writers or online marketers to display advertisements on their personal website pages or a hosted AdSense publishing platform.

Getting a full Adsense account for the first time is a hassle, this is because before approving your own website for an account, Google considers unique and engaging content that has been published over a specific period of time from 3-6 six months depending on the continent you are located.

In the USA, Canada, and UK for example, it will take at least 3 months or less depending on the number of quality contents published for Google to approve Adsense application.

On the other hand, it takes at least 6 months or less depending on the number of published contents for African and Asian countries to get Adsense approval. You can refer to the following link to know more about Adsense approval requirements for a personal website or hosted Google Adsense publishing platform.

When your website gets approved for an Adsense account, ads will start showing on your website and you will earn per impressions, views, and clicks your website visitors make.

2. What is the Amazon Affiliate Program?

Apart from Google Adsense, Affiliate Program is another major way internet marketers can make a living online today. Affiliate marketing is where an affiliate company like Amazon and eBay allow publishers, writers, and store owners to display related products and product links on their websites and make money on a commission basis when users purchase items through their affiliate links on their websites.

Qualifying for an affiliate program always differs from Affiliate companies. Most of the major affiliate companies like Amazon, for example, will require to review a website where you need to use their product affiliate links, and if your website qualifies, you will have to sell at least 3 products through your website within 180 days before becoming a full affiliate.

For beginners who don't want or have money to spend in paid ads to make good income online through Affiliate marketing just like Google Adsense, whether via their own content website, online store, or hosted publishing platform, you will have to publish quality and unique contents that will organically dominate the major search engines, particularly Google.

The more your pages dominate the top slots of the first page of search engines, the more search engine users will click on the link to your pages, and the more they will engage with ads on your page and make money when they click ads, view ads, make an impression, or buy affiliate product via your affiliate links.

Writers or publishers who have or want to own their own affiliate website will have to major on deep website organic search engine optimization from search-engine-friendly and user-friendly designs to keyword research and many more attribute that make a powerful website, which is a lot of work and expensive for beginners.

To succeed in making money through affiliate marketing, in particular, you have to select and write about a niche that has little competition on search engines so that your pages can rank on top of search results easily above your competitors.

Also, ensure that you select a niche or topic that is product related and solutions will be to buy the affiliate products. This is so so that you will easily find relevant and related products to show on your pages.

Where do I Earn Online Via Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliate Program Without a Website?

Good question! I know you have been waiting for this. So, you're just getting started with making income online and you don't have enough money and time to build an Amazon Affiliate and Google Adsense website?

Don't worry, there is a way you can make money via both Adsense and Amazon affiliate programs on a single platform for free, without undergoing the long hustling process of building a website, doing SEO, and adding content.

Hubpages, is a content site that you can join for free from any part of the world, and publish your contents about any niche or topic, and be able to display Google Adsense ads and Amazon Affiliate product links at the same time and make money that is paid by Hubpages via your PayPal account every month upon reaching a payout threshold of USD 50.

No search engine optimization hustles since Hubpages is already optimized for search engines, and publishers only focus on keywords and writing quality, unique, and engaging content that dominate major search engines.

However, you will still need to apply for the Adsense account and the terms still apply on Hubpages. The Adsense account you get via Hubpages is not a full Adsense account and you cannot use it anywhere else apart from Hubpages and other Adsense hosted partners like Blogger and YouTube.

Another shortcut to get Hosted Adsense account apart from writing or publishing on Hubpages and Google's blogger is applying through your YouTube channel when you have enough engaging videos that Google sees is sufficient to get hosted Adsense approval.

After getting a hosted AdSense account, you can make a website of your own and apply for Adsense upgrade later, but this is optional since after all; you can still earn via hosted Adsense account on Hubpages and other Adsense hosted partners discussed earlier in this article.

I am choosing Hubpages over other Adsense hosted partners because only Hubpages supports two tear earning programs, that is Adsense and Amazon Affiliate Program on one platform.

While you wait for your hosted AdSense account to be approved via Hubpages as per Adsense terms, you can still use and make money through Amazon affiliate links since you don't need to make an Amazon affiliate application once on Hubpages.

The fact that you can display Amazon products on Hubpages and use their affiliate links on your pages from day one; without applying to be an Amazon Affiliate is a win for new publishers and writers who want to make money online, without spending a single cent on building a website and using other marketing software that are damn expensive to sell on Amazon Affiliate program.

By the time you get Adsense approval, you shall have made some money via Amazon on Hubpages, and when you combine the two tear earning programs into one, trust me you'll make good money on Hubpages without unsuccessfully spending your money on scams that are everywhere over the internet.

The only long-term online earning strategy is product-related content search engine marketing: However, it's not a holiday in the park since you need dedication, patience, and hard work at the beginning.

Agree to yourself and make content research and publishing plans. When I started with Hubpages, I was publishing at least 2 to 3 quality articles per week. This number is small but I was doing so since I needed time to do keyword and detailed facts researches before publishing my contents, and you can do the same or more as this should not be difficult for anyone who has some writing skills.

You don't have to be a perfect writer or publisher to archive this. As you continue writing well-researched contents, your skills will improve over time and you will become a complete writer before you know it.

Another important thing: If your publishing area of interest has no enough related affiliate products to display alongside your content, you can choose another favorite niche market with enough products.

However, you will have to do sufficient research on the topics so that you know a lot on topics before writing and publishing your content.

Like I said, when I started writing, I was doing 2 - 3 contents per week. You can do the same or even more than that and in six months, your Hubpages account will have over 30 quality articles, which is a very good amount of content and you may have your Adsense account approved even earlier.

So, what are you waiting for? signup for free today on Hubpages and start your journey to financial freedom and remember to thank me later.

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